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Beyond a Website, Why You Need a Mobile Application For Your Business

By August 23, 2018March 1st, 20212 Comments

You own a business, you have customers, you have a website, but you don’t have a mobile application. The digital system isn’t balance in your system. Nigeria is a country with the top internet users in the world, highest percentage of them accesses it via mobile.

Before I progress, if you are new to the system, meaning you have neither a website nor a mobile application, I’d advise you get a website before a mobile application as mobile app is expected to complement and supplement activities on your website (lead generation, marketing, sales and communication).

Why do I need a mobile application?

That’s a very nice and responsive question, having given the fact that over 65% of internet users access it from mobile. Although, if your website is mobile responsive, your mobile users can easily access your business, which is ultimately okay but won’t be as excellent as when you’ve saved them the stress of opening a URL from their Mobile browser.

Note: We also have a progressive web app (PWA), with this your mobile app will be active as a website and can be installed to your phone without playstore or appstore. I will emphasise more about this on another article, so don’t forget to subscribe after reading this article.

Now, I will give you some special reasons why mobile application is essential for your business.

One click to your business

With just a click, your customer can easily access your business and services by launching your mobile app.

Internet will be a minor problem.

The moment your customer install your app on their phone, they have your data downloaded on their phone as at when updated. They still access your business information like pricing update, product update, contact details, news and many others as it has been downloaded the last time they run your mobile application with internet connection. Integrating phone dial or quick sms will also enhance fast contact.

You have your customers in your arm, push them anytime.

With push notifications, you need not to worry about your mails entering spam, read, unread or worried about the fastest way to keep your customers/users informed. Push notifications are affordable and free in many cases, integrating it into your mobile app gives you the access to send notification to all your customers device and you can easily promote your market.

Less worry on domain hosting and renewal.

Thanks to Google, with the google firebase, a professional developer can easily host your app for free on their cloud, this gives your opportunities to special features and security. You can also take advantage of some special Google business tools that can communicate and enhance your mobile application usage.

This is just a tip of an iceberg, you can leave questions in the comment box and I will be glad to provide an answer.

Ibrahim Adepoju

Author Ibrahim Adepoju

Full-stack Software Engineer and Geospatial Analyst

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  • amao babajide samuel says:

    I have heard of a web based app before now,,, does it mean u are developing a website and mobile app together,, thank u

  • Demilade says:

    No. It means that the app runs only on web browsers like Chrome or Safari. Mobile apps run on phones and mobile devices with operating systems like Android or iOS.
    You can run web apps on your phone because the browser on your phone is a mobile app.

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