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How Aitechma is Fighting The Spread of COVID-19 Pandemic in Nigeria.

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COVID-19 Nigeria

Covid19NG Daily is a mobile application developed to promote the dissemination of verified information on the spread of COVID-19 in Nigeria. The app uses Google Map to visualize the distribution of confirmed cases in the country and also gives a report on admitted cases, discharged and death in all infected states in Nigeria.

The app uses user device Geolocation to send a report on the user’s proximity to an infected state.

Also, users can contribute verified information on COVID-19 for other users to benefit. This is to prevent the spread of unverified information.

Covid19NG Daily app retrieves its data source fromĀ NCDC (Nigeria Centre for Disease Control) and contents being managed by AITECHMA (A reputable software development company in Nigeria).


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Privacy policy

Covid19NG is only storing user’s contributions and device unique ID for the sake of push notification. You can reach us via



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