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Five Reasons Why You Need a Website in 2018

By June 19, 2018July 8th, 2019One Comment
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So… maybe you’re a small business owner, you’ve launched your startup company or you do freelance work, and you want to know how to make the best impact online. You have all your requisite social media profiles ( and they may be popping too) but I’m pretty sure it has crossed your mind a few times, “do I need a website?” In a word, yes. Here’s why.

#1 – An Online Portfolio Speak Volumes

Why spend thousands of naira printing brochures and flyers and then paying to distribute them to show off your products or services? You eliminate this by having a website and you also widen your potential reach. Potential customers can find out about you, your products and services, and contact you directly. It’s also an easy way to update your existing customers on what’s new. Having a website is a perfect home base for all your work, and it’s only a click away from your social media pages! Engage on social media, then when your followers need to know more, hook them with your well-developed site.

#2 – Attract More Customers

Right now as I’m writing this there are 3,574,203,100 users accessing the internet and it’s climbing by the millisecond. Granted, there are underlying variables, but the fact is majority of the population has internet access. So by not having a website, you automatically miss out a huge piece of the pie. It’s that simple.

#3 – Build Business Value and Credibility

A friend of mine tried getting a loan recently, the loan officer asked to see their website for their business, they had none. This may or may not have been a determining factor, but having a website, and good one, automatically increases your business value in everyone’s eyes, especially your customers. 
Not having a website is worse than not having a shipping address these days. Websites add legitimacy.

#4 – Increase Your Influence

Having a website potentially means thousands of people will see it (remember that large number I quoted above?). This allows you to influence people’s decisions and educate them with your content. Consider adding a blog element to your website, this will further establish you as an expert in your field.

#5 – Marketing

Thanks to the internet, global walls have been broken down, and new world of marketing now exists. Having a website can attract new business by using different marketing techniques which are even more compelling when combined with power of social media.

It’s pretty obvious that you need to have a website, and a killer one at that. It’s pretty clear why a website is relevant in 2018, and for years to come. Now the question you should be asking yourself at this point is: “where do I start?”

You can start by contacting us Aitechma Digital Agency we’ll not only build you a professional looking site, we have the marketing know how to take your business levels higher. Lucky for you, we know a thing or two about creating websites that achieve all the things on our list.

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Ibrahim Adepoju

Ibrahim Adepoju

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