Mobile App Development Traning in Lagos, Nigeria.

Start an amazing and demanding career in mobile app development by developing android and IOS app for yourself, companies and startups.

Why do i need this skill, am no techie?

Mobile App development is a crucial component of a mobile ecosystem. Over the last eight years, app developer profession is being in a great demand and growing really fast. Mobile apps have become one of the staples of a global economy and, after its tremendous success with smartphones, they actively conquer the next frontier.

Can i get a job with this skill?

You have an 80% chance of getting a corporate job after completing this course because mobile app development skill is of high demand in many digital agencies. Almost all startups today are building for the mobile devices, being able to help companies achieve their objective will put you at the edge of getting a mobile app developer job anytime.

How much can i earn freelancing?

Average cost of developing a mobile app in Nigeria is NGN200,000 (700USD). This cost might be higher if you’d be developing for android, ios, windows and et.c. As a proficient graduate of this course, you can earn up to NGN300,000 in 2 months or more if you are good with marketing your skills. Mobile App developers are still scarce and even some of the few still have limit to what they can do.

Do i need to know how to code to enroll?

No! this course covers from the genesis to revelation, you don’t need to have a programming background to enroll, you’d get to learn from scratch.

Is there certification?

Yes! You will be given an Aitechma Digital Agency verified certificate upon completing the course.

Two (2)Tracks

Track 1: Mobile App Development (Android and IOS) front-end development using HTML5, Angular JS, JQUERY and CSS.

Track 2: Mobile App Back-end  Development using RESTFUL API and AJAX to commmunicate with host server. App deployment on playstore and appstore inclusive.


To be a part of this course, you need a minimum of 2gb RAM computer, good internet connection and a minimum of 24 hours per week commitment.


Complete Online Module with About 50 Lectures

Learn at your own pace by accessing lecture track via email, mobile sms, aitechma mobile app, or on our official elearning portal.

Ibrahim Adepoju

Founder at Aitechma and Course Instructor

Full-Stack Multi-System (Web, Mobile, Desktop) and Cross-Platform Software Developer.

Affordable Pricing

You’ve reached the pricing plans. Choose from one of our three plans, you deserve the best. Call Ibrahim on +2348103523138 to learn more.

Track 1 Only


This track is for you if you have no previous experience in front-end development or programming at large. Also, if you have previous experience in web development but yet to work with mobile app development.

Track 2 Only


This track requires you to be acquainted with track 1 and must have developed a single web app or static mobile app. This track will engage you with learn some server-side programming languages like PHP and also database language like SQL.

Both Track


This track is a complete module covering both track 1 and 2. This track is recommended for a newbie and a passionate learner who want to learn mobile app development from the genesis to revelation. Completing this stack will not only transform you to an ordinary mobile app developer but a full-stack.