Mobile App Development Training in Lagos Nigeria.

Start a demanding career in mobile app development by learning how to develop android and IOS app for yourself, companies and startups.
  • Learn how to develop cross-platform (Android and IOS) mobile apps using the Ionic Native Framework  (The leading Cross-platform mobile application development framework).
  • Bonus: Additional lectures on front-end web development with HTML, CSS/SCSS, Javascript and AngularJS
  • Course Duration:  5 Weeks (Saturday & Sunday).
  • Course Fee: ₦100,000
  • Training Location: Ogba, Lagos.
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Next Class Starts: October 5, 2019

Modern App Development Course

Learn Ionic Framework, an open source mobile UI toolkit for developing high-quality cross-platform apps for native iOS, Android, and the web—all from a single codebase.

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Why Mobile App Development?

Mobile App development is a crucial component of a mobile ecosystem. Over the last eight years, app developer profession is being in a great demand and growing really fast. Mobile apps have become one of the staples of a global economy and, after its tremendous success with smartphones, they actively conquer the next frontier in business.

Mobile App Development Course Outline

It's your lucky moment. Do you know that this course includes web technology classes so you have the privilege of learning more of web programming as the Ionic Native Framework applies web tech in the development of mobile application using AngularJS.

This week, students will the introduced to the Ionic Framework for cross-platform mobile app development. Emphasis would also be laid on front-end development using web technologies like HTML, SCSS and Javascript.


  • What is Ionic Framework and Ionic Native.
  • Application of HTML, SCSS/CSS and Javascript.
  • Installing Node (NPM).
  • Installing Ionic CLI.
  • Creating Your First Ionic App Project
  • Previewing App on Browser and Devices

This week student will setup and run the Ionic CLI, a project would be created and also emphasis would be laid on modules, component, pages, styling and classes as applicable for mobile app development with the Ionic-native framework.


  • Creating App Pages
  • Adding UI Components
  • Styling the App with SCSS/CSS

This week we’d embark on app development and laying emphasis on data-binding, page navigations, theming, previewing and making HTTP request for getting and posting data over an API.


  • Setting App Menu or Tab
  • Navigating and Routing Pages
  • Data Transfer Over Pages
  • Ionic APIs : ModalController, NavController, MenuController, AlertContoller et.c
  • Ionic Native: HTTP Request

This week we’d discuss how to utilize the Ionic-native plugins and setting up the Google Firebase web service for database integration. We’d work around plugins like camera, barcode scanners, data storage and geolocation.

Outlines (Ionic Native Features):

  • Data Storage
  • Media Capture
  • Geolocation
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Document and Picture Viewer
  • Theming your App

Over the weeks, we were engaged in build a mobile app while we were accomplishing several tasks. This week, we will learn how to build our app and upload it to Google Playstore (Android) and Apple Appstore (IOS).

Outlines (Build and Publish):

  • Build to Android (.apk)
  • Build to IOS (.ipa)
  • Publish to Android Playstore
  • Publish to IOS Appstore
  • Go home and earn with your app development skill!

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Your Professional Instructor

professional mobile app development course instructor in lagos nigeria

Meeting me for the first time is not a great privilege not until you successfully completed my class and found out how I have contributed to your digital ambition.

I am a self-taught software engineer with 4 years experience as a developer and approximately 6+ years as a designer. I am not afraid of programming and digital technology as the only things am learning are those projects and languages have not worked on yet. I develop and design mobile applications (Java, Swift, Ionic, React & Flutter), desktop applications (Electron), and web applications (Javascript, PHP, and Python).

2019 hitherto, I have trained 100+ Nigerians how to code and build applications across cities like Port-Harcourt and Lagos in Nigeria. I love impacting knowledge as it’s part of my hobby.

In 2016, I founded AITECHMA inside my apartment in Lagos and told myself I won’t only render my skills as a professional service but I will also train others those skills so that they can be self-sufficient with it.

The world is changing and revolving faster with technology and believe me that you have a lot to learn. Let me tell you that linear graph y=mx+c of learning software development skills has y (coding skills) decreasing when x (learning period) is increasing. Ok! Let me explain, coding skills difficulty reduces as your learning duration increases.

I will see you at my next class where we will get to communicate further and learn together. I promise you a cup of coffee.

Ibrahim Adepoju

Founder and Lead Developer,

Mobile App Development Training FAQs

Do I need to know how to code before enrolling?

No! this course covers from the genesis to revelation, you don’t need to have a programming background to enroll, you’d get to learn from scratch.

What are the material needed to take the course?

To be a part of this course, you need a minimum of 2GB to 4GB RAM computer, a disk space of about 50GB, ability to connect to internet and a minimum of 24 hours per week commitment.

How much can I earn from being a freelance mobile app developer?

Average cost of developing a mobile app in Nigeria is NGN250,000 (750USD). This cost might be higher if you’d be developing for android, IOS, windows and et.c. As a proficient graduate of this course, you can earn up to NGN300,000 in 2 months or more if you are good with marketing your skills. Mobile App developers are still scarce and even some of the few still have limit to what they can do.

Can I get a mobile app developer job with this skill?

You have an 80% chance of getting a corporate mobile app developer job after completing this course because mobile app development skill is of high demand in many digital agencies. Almost all startups today are building for the mobile devices, being able to help companies achieve their objectives will put you at the edge of getting a mobile app developer job anytime.

Is there a certificate upon completion?

Yes! You will be given an Aitechma verified certificate upon completing the course.

mobile app development training in lagos nigeria