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Why you should promote your website more than social media accounts

By January 20, 2019 No Comments
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Promoting your business website should be your topmost priority in this year 2019, because social media is not enough to get your business online. A promoted website get to receive leads who are willing to make a purchase of your product. In this article I will give you reasons while you should invest more on marketing your website than you do for social media platforms like instagram, facebook and linkedin.

Let me use my case as the preliminary example, I am a web developer and I started getting my leads from referrals, it wasn’t enough to sustain me at some extent because the network is not frequent. Therefore I decided to get a graphic designer to get a banner so that I can run adverts on my facebook and instagram page. This wasn’t fun but being a pro SMM it wasn’t so bad. I got several leads even though it took me lot of time to convince some to buy into my service that I have to offer.

Nonetheless, promoting a website could have been the best which is why I will give you some reasons while you need to promote your website before promoting your social media platform.

Let the clients find you

You can be promoting your website in three different ways; by getting redirections from your social media, referring a friend to visit your website and by ranking your website before searches on google.

Well, the best way to let the client find you is by ranking your website for relevant searches on the google first page and by doing this, hundreds of thousands of people searching google or other search engine can easily locate your website.

Get a business ready lead

Imagine someone who took his time to open his browser, typed the request for your service, saw your website heading and description and clicked on your web page, the chances that this person really mean business is high because he needs you and found you. Unlike social media, you’d target people who’d likely buy your product or service, but the chances that this people are ready to come in for business is very low.

You own your website visitors

You don’t really own your followers/fans on social platforms because they abide to the social media policy and they abandon you the moment the social platform gives a limit to what you are permitted to do with them. Unlike your website visitors, they are visiting you because they want to buy your service or learn more. They subscribe to your newsletter and become yours, you decide for them while they either accept or reject. It’s a two man agreement in the case of a website but always a three man (you, your follower and platform owner) agreement in the case of a social media.

The older the website, the more the trust

People are always afraid to purchase a service from social media e.g. instagram without being able to track the seller phone, email, address and especially the website. They get to trust a website that has been in service for like three or more years, it creates more trust than an instagram account that has been existing for three years but maybe the account has been passed from one person to another.

New potential lead accessing contents everyday

As I have said earlier on, new people get to visit a website every day, with the objective to negotiate while people visit social media most times because of your content and because probably you might one day post what they need or would be willing to buy from you one day. The both are good but every business cares for leads who made a business interaction immediately they visited your platform.

Save money while ranked organically

Search engine optimization is the new key. People call it SEO, if you invest more in ranking your website on google and can sit back and watch pool of traffic visiting you to buy your product or service. If you invest on social media followers, highest percentage of your followers won’t make purchase. The only cost for SEO is getting a professional like Aitechma to optimize your website for google first page within three (3) months and you are good to go. No more paying for ads, because at this junction, only your service value get to speak for you.


This article is not stopping you from creating a free social media account and market your product and services. But it is advisable you have a hundred percent reliable backup plan which will always be your website.